About the Author.


I’m Emily, a California Mama who believes Happiness is Homegrown. But I didn’t learn that overnight.

In my journey of transitioning from a successful 11 year career in Restaurant Management, to Stay-At-Home-Motherhood, I have experienced first hand the emotional rollercoaster of CHANGE.

When I quit my career of 11 years to stay home & raise my babies, I found myself with intense feelings of inadequacy, minimized self-worth, and struggling to find my identity. I was not happy. But why not? This is what I’ve always wanted.

Spoiler Alert: it is okay to admit that your happiness is not 100% fueled by your kids.

I have found that seeking ways to cultivate happiness in your every day life is key. In addition to initiating real-talk about various parenting & personal struggles, I’m here to inspire you with my ideas of how to Grow your own Happiness. For me, it begins at Home- creating your personal haven with home decor, simplifying routines, and practicing self-care (which sometimes may be purchasing a few new pieces for your wardrobe)- these are all ways I create happiness in my every day life. Join me as I share what is currently Growing my Happiness, and how you can grow happiness of your own, too.

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