DIY Eclectic Office Closet

Hey Friends!

Have you ever had a space in your home that wasn’t living up to its full potential? I mean, I’m sure we say that often in our homes when it comes to decor and style, but what about a space’s functionality? For me that was our office nook.

In our last home, we had a small desk in our master bedroom, and I swore I would never make that same mistake again- it truly took away from the feeling of our master bedroom being a retreat at the end of the day. But, after months of living in our new home with no desk at all, I ended up doing exactly what I said I wouldn’t, and found myself working in a small corner in our bedroom.

It wasn’t until about a year later, when I began my journey of decluttering (cue Marie Kondo), that I also began reevaluating spaces in our home for function. I will touch more on this subject in a future post, but where that left me with my “office”, was staring down a 5’x5′ bare walled storage closet that was yearning for an upgrade in usefulness. I began to let the ideas flow, and after a little trial and error, ended up with a truly wonderful and inspiring place to work.

This small closet no longer feels like a closet. It is an extension of the room it is connected to, which is our den/playroom- perfect for me as I can work while still being available to my kid’s. I was able to fit our existing desk into this space, and added in a small storage ottoman to house larger items like camera equipment, and a basket on top for everyday use items and papers. I try to keep the desk clear of any clutter, so a vintage ceramic wall pocket holds pens. We keep other “office supplies” that are not used everyday (craft supplies, extra pens, stapler, printer paper, etc) in a bin in our storage closet. Our important household documents are filed away in our fireproof safe.

The wallpaper you see is actually contact paper, typically used to line drawers and cabinets. I used a total of 2 rolls to cover the 5′ wide by 9′ high wall. It is linked below for you. This was the most challenging part of the closet transformation, and it is definitely not perfect! I did it on my own, and I would recommend recruiting someone to help you if you decide to do this in your home.

The wall decor are all items I had tucked away in my decor stash. I did not lay out the gallery wall at all before hanging it, I just did what felt good! This mix of styles and textures here brings me inspiration as it doesn’t lead my mind to only one idea or theme. I felt like this small space could handle a bold design, and it makes for a fun place to think up content for the blog and work. Linked below are similar items below for you to shop and recreate this look in your home.

My chair is very special to me, as it was in my grandparents house since before I was born. I feel very thankful to now have it in my home and sit in it so frequently. It brings me inspiration and joy to work from this seat, as I look up to my grandparents so much for all the success they had seen in their lifetimes. This style of cane chair is making it’s comeback, and below I’ve linked a great option for a vintage style office chair.

(The following links may be affiliate links, for more info please visit my disclosures page HERE).

Con-Tact Brand Adhesive Creative Drawer and Shelf Liner, 18”x9′, Vintage Trellis Gray Hello Brass Wall Decor Diamond Shape Metal Frame Mirror, 34.25″H, Gold Finish Trio of Decorative Mirrors in Black Retro Digital Flip Down Clock – Black Wall Mounted Rustic Metal Wire Storage Shelves Set of 2 14 Inch Floating Wall Shelves – White Set of 3 Artificial Plants Hanging Ivy- Pack of 2 Hanging Planter Vase & Geometric Wall Decor White Ceramic/Brass (Set of 2) Galvanized Metal 3D Wall Letter Ampersand Decor Macrame Wall Hanging 16″ W x 33″ L Galvanized Metal Wall Mounted Hanging Envelope Decor Woven Wall Baskets Hanging Tassel Macrame 14″ Diameter Poly and Bark Cafton Crossback Chair in White 55″ Large Office Desk Light Walnut

Thanks so much for taking a peak into my office! I hope you are inspired to rethink the way you use space in your own home. ❤️

Big Hugs,

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