Favorite Basket Bags from Amazon

Hey Friends!

Straw, jute, and basket bags are big again this spring and summer. I love this look and am currently shopping for one to add to my wardrobe! This style bag is so versatile, and adds great texture and fun warm weather vibes to any outfit. Pair it with shorts and a tee, any summer dress, or even for date night with a lace cami and jeans. Here are the best straw bags I’ve found from Amazon (which all have Free 2-Day shipping with Prime! 🙌🏻).
(The following links may be affiliate links, for more info, please visit my Disclosures page HERE).

Bali Round Rattan Bag w/ Short & Long Straps & Scarf

This style of bag is very popular and for good reasons! It has a unique and beautiful look, and is a great size- not too big and not too small. This particular bag comes with a detachable long strap for cross-body wear, and a detachable short strap for over the shoulder or handheld wear. It also comes with the scarf! This is a great value for this bag and all the accessories.

Summer Straw Handbag w/ Top Handle

I really like the look of this woven straw bag- it is simple but the detailing is wonderful. I love that this one is worn on the forearm or handheld, as this reads very elegant to me. This bag has a feature inside with a drawstring, to enclose your belongings if needed. Otherwise that can be folded down inside and remain unused if you choose.

Large Round Summer Straw Woven Shoulder Bag

This is a larger sized bag that can be used for everyday wear, or to tote along to the beach carrying all your essentials- Towel, sunscreen, etc. It has a zipper closure, and comes with the scarf! I love the mix of tones between the straps and the bag itself. This would lend itself to pair with a wider variety of shoes and outfits. The bag also comes in a darker coffee color!

Small Crossbody Straw Bag Semi-Circle Shape

This bag is so fun! It is a small bag, perfect for concerts, brunch, or long days out and about when you only want to bring essentials like your phone, small wallet and chapstick. This comes is a variety of colors and each one is a great choice!

Handmade Bamboo Handbag

This bag is a statement piece, and such a fun style. This bag may not be suitable for everyday use, but will definitely dress up any outfit! It is not lined, so be careful with smaller items. This bag comes with 2 different silk scarves to tie onto the bag.

Handwoven Round Rattan Shoulder Bag w/ Leather Strap

This bag is a more affordable version of the first one above. It does not have an interchangeable strap, but it is a great option if you do not need multiple sized straps. This specific bag also comes in a TON of different colors and versions- take a minute to browse through them all on the listing, each one is beautiful! If you are looking for a black or white straw bag vs. a natural rattan color, this is the best choice!

Here is a link to the black version:

Black Handwoven Round Rattan Shoulder Bag with Leather Strap

If you’ve been thinking of adding one of these basket bags to your wardrobe, I hope this round-up of my favorites has helped you! As always, thank you for shopping through my links, your support allows me to continue sharing here on Casa California Blog ❤️ Which bag is your favorite? Drop me a comment below!

Big Hugs,

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