Client Project- Mid Century meets Modern Farmhouse for a young Family

My current project is one that feeds my inner modern, minimalist heart. I love cozy and rustic, don’t get me wrong. But I also love clean lines, interesting design, and fun colors. Blending that modern style with a cozy warmth, is what can make modern design family friendly.

For my current client, Amanda, her goal is to nail down her style and bring it to life in her home. Working with items she already has, such as her perfectly worn and cozy leather sofas, as well as a few accessories already in place, I am bringing her love for mid century modern forward, with earthen touches that are a nod to modern farmhouse style.

Amanda has been such a great client to work with because she has already curated a Pinterest board for her style goals. Using this as my inspiration, I went forward with planning her design board, and sourcing the items within her budget.


You will see in this design, that I have blended the clean lines and sleekness, with cozy warmth. Her leather sofa as the foundation, allowed me to go bold with accents. The shag rug is soft and friendly to an active family’s feet. The long and lean ottoman makes for great function with storage inside, and can transition from a place to set drinks with a tray, to a place where they can put their feet up. The color scheme is neutral with subtle pops of color in cool tones. Bringing in the brass accents is not only very much in style, but the metal elements will reflect light and unify the room with a reoccurring touch throughout the space.

As always, my number one priority is to meet the clients needs, while staying within budget. I feel as though it’s important to give options to every client, so they can choose what items speak to them the most, while also considering different price points. Below I have outlined other options for Amanda to choose from.


0280225_PE419183_S5LOHALS- Flatwoven Natural Rug

This Jute rug speaks more to the modern farmhouse style. This option is not as cozy in the way it feels under the feet, but reads warm and cozy in color and visual texture.

51911284Ryan Overdyed Rug- Threshold

Amanda has shown in her Pinterest board an appreciation for pattern and bohemian touches. This option for a rug accomplishes that, without overwhelming the space with bright colors that you often see in vintage rugs.



52178673-2Ottilie Storage Ottoman- Christopher Knight Home

This ottoman is in the same color tone as the one above, but reads as more sophisticated. The tufting detail and black feet bring it one step forward. This option is also slightly longer than the one in the design board, which gives us a chance to consider sizing in the space.


15546779Artisan Glass Jug Lamp Base- Threshold

This glass lamp base is timeless and versatile. Glass is a great option for making a statement in a subtle way. This works in farmhouse, modern and bohemian styles.

52404327Delavan Tripod Table Lamp- Project 62

This ultra modern lamp will make a statement with pure design. The combination of black, brass and white works wonderfully in the design for Amanda’s space, and brings forward a high end feel without breaking the bank.

Side Tables:

50479919Loring End Table- Project 62

Amanda already owns one of these beautiful tables, and adding another one in her room is a great option if space allows. It is very similar to the one pictured in my design plan, but the wood top brings in another element as well as a lightness next to the brown leather sofas.

Additional Accent Pieces:

52576215Glass Jug Vase- Green- Hearth & Hand with Magnoila

This deep green vase will play nicely off of the smoked black glass vase I selected, with the Monstera stem inside. Side by side on her white fireplace will really make a statement without being overwhelming. Or this green one standing on its own would make a statement just the same.
fejka-artificial-potted-plant__0550034_PE658011_S4FEJKA Artificial Potted Plant, Oregano

That little brass pot needs a plant inside! These are an easy and affordable accent piece that will finish off any room by unifying the indoors with the outdoors. This also creates another note that ties together the deep green of the vase above, and the pillow I have selected for her couch.




This has been one of the most fun rooms to style! I will be sharing photos of the completed space once all of the items arrive and we style everything! What was your favorite decor piece out of the ones I selected? Let’s chat in the comments! ❤️

Big Hugs,


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