Christmas Decor- Pillows!


Update! (11-15-17)

You guys have loved these pillows I’ve shared! So much that some of them have SOLD OUT! Here are a few more options in case the ones you were eyeing are out of stock! These are all mix and match, and will coordinate with the original pillows I selected too! ❤️ 🎄❤️

715MLGVLKPL._SL1200_Red Truck with Christmas Tree Vintage 18×18 pillow cover LINK71KT+3P5ilL._SX522_Red and Black Buffalo Plaid Deer 18×18 pillow cover LINK71CekFugGSL._SL1000_Pine Tree Forest White with Black 18×18 pillow cover LINK419i3E6Qu6LDeep Green Solid Color Cotton 18×18 pillow cover LINK718ouG37eHL._SL1500_Home Sentiment Red 14×24 pillow cover LINK513lP2uoaiLBlack and White Buffalo Check 18×18 pillow cover LINK51RaFUZFCoL

2-Pack Red 18×18 pillow cover LINK
710cSJMGGfL._SX522_Dreaming of a White Christmas Cotton Linen 18×18 pillow cover LINK71Dh0NH7glL._SL1000_Merry Little Christmas Burlap 18×18 pillow cover LINK61aqvhyA-WL._SL1000_Deep Green Solid Color Velvet 18×18 pillow cover LINK513lP2uoaiLBlack and White Buffalo Check 18×18 pillow cover LINK918YyaMq0LL._SX522_Red and Black Buffalo Plaid Tree 18×18 pillow cover LINK51jyT5w7OSLRustic Joy Burlap 18×18 pillow cover LINK

Don’t forget to read below to my original post to see the other pillow options still available! -Emily ❤️


It’s November 1st Friends!

Which means it’s time to narrow down your Christmas decor selections and prepare for the ‘Best Time of The Year’! I have put much thought into my decor this year, most specifically- the pillows.

If you know me at all, you know my pillows are a reflection of my personality. Most would say the same about their clothing choice. But let’s be real guys, I spend more time with my pillows than I do in real clothes 😂 Earlier this year, I changed out all of the throw pillows in our home, with the exception of one or two, for ones that have a removable cover and insert. I did this for 2 reasons-

  1. Easily washable!
    With my two young boys- well we could just leave it at that 😉 …..But seriously, they are messy. And I was ruining standard stuffed pillows in my washing machine regularly. So this really helps me to keep the Cheetos handprints and snail trails of boogies (TMI??) at bay.
  2. Affordably decorating for the Season!
    I can easily change out pillow covers for the season I am decorating for. This makes my decor budget happy, because not only is it much more affordable to just buy covers, but I can also get more of them! Its going to be a Holly Jolly Christmas up in heeeerrrree y’all! 👊🏻

So, now for the fun part! Here are my choices for covers this year. Which also gives you a sneak peak into our Christmas theme 🎄 All of these covers are available through Amazon, and I have provided the links for you! Ho Ho Happy shopping!

(Disclosure: These links are affiliate links. See my Disclosures page for more info).

18×18 Fresh Cut Trees Pillow Cover LINK

18×18 Buffalo Check Reindeer Pillow Cover LINK

18×18 Classic Ticking Stripe Pattern Red Pillow Cover LINK

18×18 Christmas Elk Pattern Pillow Cover LINK

18×18 Red Lettering Merry Christmas Pillow Cover LINK

20×20 Rustic Red and Black Buffalo Check Pillow Cover LINK

18×18 Red & White Christmas Buffalo Check Pillow Cover LINK

I hope this selection of pillow covers has left you inspired for the Holiday Season! Which ones are your favorites? Let’s chat in the comments!
Cozy, Rustic Christmas, here we come ❤️

Big Hugs,

P.S. If you need INSERTS for your pillow covers- here’s some different sizes for you linked below 🙌🏻

18×18 Hypo-allergenic Pillow Insert LINK

12×20 Hypo-allergenic Lumbar Pillow Insert LINK


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