Mom Talk Monday- Oct. 30

Hey Mamas,

Happy Eve of Halloween! Or is it All Hallows Eve? I’m not clever enough to really know. So let’s just call it what it is- the day before the treacherous candy buzz begins, nights wondering how your kids next dentist appointment will go… oh and let’s not forget about those jack-o-lanterns that are already rotting on your porch. 🎃 😑

Why is it that with every other occasion, I wait until the last minute to buy the gifts. But with Halloween, I bought the candy 3 weeks early, ate all the candy, bought the candy again, ate some more… and now I will have to be the stingy mom on the block handing out 1 Dum-Dum lollipop each? I hate that I love you Snickers bar. You deceitful, delicious little prick.

Good luck to you all out there! If we play it smart mamas, the candy that is “poison” will somehow make for great stocking stuffers in about 2 months! 😏


SO- Let’s move forward to this weeks topic!
Carving out time for yourself- REALLY!


Last week I began to talk about why it is important to have time for yourself. To feel like yourself, and get back to who YOU truly are. Not as Mom, but as YOU. If you missed that post you can read it HERE.

So now today I am going to give you my best tips for making time for yourself. As a mom of 2 who stays home, with a husband who works a lot, I know firsthand that it is not always easy to get time. So here is how I make it happen for me.

  1. Attitude.This could be interpreted in many different ways. But for me, this means being intentional and being disciplined. When I am disciplined enough to be intentional with my time, I reap the benefits. Instead of going through the motions of my day- like watching tv, grazing through the house doing chores here and there, one foot in one foot out type behavior- I do things with purpose and intent. It’s easy to skip folding the laundry because you’re ‘just going to have to fold more tomorrow, so it can wait’. That attitude will get you nowhere Mama. If you have goals, be a go getter and make things happen. It all starts with attitude.

    attitude determines direction.jpg

  2. Schedule Your Heart Out.Once you’ve got your attitude in check and you’re ready to be intentional, create a schedule for your day. It can be as detailed as you’d like. Even when you know certain things happen at certain times daily, write them down anyway. Doing this allows you to see when things need to happen, and will allow you to see when there is open time for YOU. Here is an example of the schedule I follow every day Monday-Friday.

    daily schedule.jpg
    This has not been edited whatsoever for the purpose of this post. Chicken scratch handwriting should affirm that 😂 So this is truly how I run my day while at home with my kids. You can see there is time assigned for chores, children, and my personal things like blogging, Instagram, and Pinterest. Aside from this schedule, I keep track in my planner of certain tasks to be completed on certain days- see above where it says Daily Task? ☝🏻 This could be deep cleaning chores, meal planning, etc. I have it all mapped out. And it works! Here is the planner I use, and the inserts too…

    Carpe Diem Robin’s Egg A5 Planner LINK

    Carpe Diem Beautiful A5 Monthly Planner Inserts LINK

    A5 Weekly Organizer M-F Refill Pages LINK

    Start by writing down things that NEED to happen, like meals, chores, and things with kids. Then work in YOUR time where it fits. And if it doesn’t seem to fit… that leads me to my final tip….

  3. Ask For Help.Don’t you go running now. I know you’ve heard this many a times from many a Mother-in-Laws, Moms and friends. But I can assure you- you need to do this. Not only will asking for help potentially open up some time for you by giving some responsibility away, but MORE IMPORTANTLY- it will get people on your team.
    You need people cheering you on and rooting for you. 🙌🏻 And when you ask for help, you are opening the door to people by saying ‘This is important to me, and I need your help to make it happen’. I can almost bet those people who are willing to help you, are the ones who are also going to be your biggest supporters and biggest fans. It truly is a Win/Win. Do NOT skip this step Mama.


    This week I hope you’ll work on at least Tip #1, in addition to writing down your thoughts in your journal! For me, the thought and planning process is the most exciting part of setting goals. ❤️

    Are these tips new to you or have you implemented some of this into your routine already? What do you do to carve out time for yourself while still being Mom? Who do you lean on? Chat with me in the comments!

    Big Hugs,


4 thoughts on “Mom Talk Monday- Oct. 30

  1. Haley

    Loved this so much Emily!! I need to hop aboard the schedule train… ps I love you and you’re hilarious…I have the same feelings toward my nemesis the Snickers bar😂😂😂


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