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One of the features in our last home that I absolutely loved (well, minus the ugly oak cabinets) was our wet bar. At first I had no clue what to do with that space. It had an opening for a mini fridge, which we added. But then I was stumped. It wasn’t until I found myself in need of more counter space in my kitchen, that I thought to put our Keurig there and BOOM. The coffee bar was born!

This is what it looked like when we bought the house! It took on a few makeovers along the way.


We painted the cabinets white when we painted our kitchen cabinets, but we decided not to change the countertops because we were selling the house. To our surprise, this area became a place where we spent a lot of time, both as a couple and a family. Who doesn’t want to crowd around a stocked beverage fridge and a coffee maker?! So we knew it was something we would have to brainstorm for our new house. You never know you need a bar/coffee bar, until you don’t have one anymore!


Our new home has a large open concept great room, which hosts our living area, dining area and kitchen all in one. But in one corner of the great room, there was a nook that I guess could have served a few different purposes… office area, play area maybe… but for us, this corner screamed “Add a bar!”

bar nook.jpg

We knew we wanted it, and we knew where it would go. But how would we make it happen? The answer my friends, it actually easier than you may think. ANYONE CAN DO THIS!

Here is what we have done so far, with sources linked. (Note the sleeping dog!)


new house bar.jpg new house bar 2.jpg

These cabinets are prefabricated, meaning they come fully assembled, and can be installed with a few screws. They have lots of options for size as well as color finish, but we chose two 12″ cabinets in white. They will tie in nicely with our kitchen cabinets! Here’s one option very similar to what we purchased. You can see that they are VERY affordable!

15×34.5×24 in. Shaker Base Cabinet Link

We kept the same fridge from the last house because it is in great condition and there is no need to upgrade right now. However, when we are ready for something new, this is what I have my eyes on…

Glass Front 126-Can Beverage Cooler Link

Now lets talk about countertops. Plywood isn’t everyones look. Its not really mine either. But I couldn’t wait any longer to set my coffee bar up, so this is a placeholder for butcher block. My hubs is actually thinking about making his own butcher block top. When we do, I’ll be sure to document his process and post it for you here on the blog!

If you aren’t super handy, there are tons of prefab butcher block tops out there. Here is an option for you. If hubby’s hand crafted top doesn’t work out, this is our back up plan!

Butcher Block Countertop Link

The cool thing about wood countertops is that you can stain them any color to your preference and then seal them. They also take on a bit of wear and tear over time, which will bring in a rustic element. But if you don’t care for that look, you can always consider other countertop options, like stone. This is the finish we are eyeing for this area because it will play off of our wood furniture pieces well and bring some contrast in against the granite in our kitchen.

Up next with the addition of butcher block, will be open shelving. Here is a look at what we did in the kitchen of our old house. We are going to do the same look here. The black metal brackets and wood shelving will tie the space together.


The stain color we love is Provincial by Minwax. We have used this on many projects. It has a warmth to it but in a darker tone, and depending on the lighting can read as a weathered, soft color.

Minwax Provincial- Wood Finish Penetrating Stain Link

And these are the shelf brackets that we used and LOVE! We are ordering the exact same ones again for this project.

Knape & Vogt Art Deco Bracket Black Metal Link

Some accessories will finish off the look and give some additional storage for my Rae Dunn Collection! I’ve got my eyes on a wall mounted mug rack, like these options.

5 Tier Black Metal Wall Mounted Mug Rack Link

6 Tier Black Metal Wall Mounted Mug Rack Link

Are you considering a project like this for your home? What materials and finishes would you choose? Leave me a comment! And stay in touch so I can show you our progress as we move along! My goal is to have this area finished in time for Thanksgiving get togethers!

Big Hugs,

(Disclosure: Links in this blog are affiliate links. This means if you purchase a product through my link, I will receive an affiliate commission.)


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